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In today's climate of Internet and business,

installing and maintaining a corporate network is often the core component of a typical business enterprise, and it is an essential tool for doing business.

Companies have invested a substantial amount of time and money putting up their own networking infrastructures but unfortunately, sooner or later, the harsh reality sinks in.

A network − whether big or small − needs a corps of dedicated specialists to keep it running smoothly.

Syndeo Technologies provides a broad range of services to assist today's small businesses. We ensure that the investment you made in your IT infrastructure is protected and maintained for today and the future. Our team of highly skilled Engineers have years of experience in multiple types of networks, which gives the ability to quickly address issues before they become problems.

In addition to cost savings, the benefits outlined below improves your organization's efficiency and speeds up reaction time to changing business climates.

  • » Ability to focus your resources on your business not your network.
  • » Fast access to new skills and technology.
  • » Faster and higher-quality customer service.
  • » Cost savings and the need for fewer staff.
  • » Simplification and consolidation of vendor management.

Syndeo Technologies offers very flexible and customizable support plans to meet your requirements and budget.

Please contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION about what plan is most suited to your business.

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If you open a lot of web sites every day you will be familiar with the challenge caused by having 20-30 tabs open in a browser and navigating between the tabs, especially because there is no differentiation between a tab that runs a web app and a tab that is simply a web site you opened while performing research or just casual browsing. You could of course close a tab once you are done with it but who has the time to do that?

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Creating and Managing AWS Snapshots in Powershell

Creating a snapshot of an Amazon Web Services EBS volume is a simple method to back up your AWS instances. For more details on AWS snapshots make sure to read this.

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Running a Content Search is fairly easy from within the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center but sometimes it will make sense to drop down into Powershell to run more complex queries.

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TIP How to Configure Email Notification for Windows Server Backup

Although it does not replace enterprise grade backups systems like Veeam or StorageCraft, Windows Server Backup works quite well for basic backup tasks. But it lacks any notification system on the progress of the backups. Here are two simple ways to set that up. First, this option uses the Event Viewer task:

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TIP Fix Office 365 ProPlus Error a shared computer license isn’t available

This is error (or similar) can pop up on a Windows 2012 R2 RD Server farm.

All Technotes I found only referred to Office 15.0 (2013) not 16.0 (2016), which has a different Registry key.
Create String Value
SharedComputerLicensing = 1
IMPORTANT: Make sure it is a String Value!

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