the new iPad has come out

The previous blog was all speculations about the new iPad but now it has been released!! Apple estimates selling 1 million new iPad’s just today! At around 600$ each that’s…$600,000,000.  WOW!  The new iPad speculations were all correct.  The screen is 9.7 inches and it runs on a 4G LTE network.  Would you wait a few weeks to get your iPad in exchange for some money?  Now you can sell your spot in line on ebay!  In New York yesterday the 4th spot in line was going for $300.  This spot selling is happening all around the world.  If you did not pre order your iPad the wait time is approximately 2-3 weeks.  Now that the new iPad has come out, the iPad 2 is going down in price to $399.  Which one will you buy?

the new iPad

Apple has recently come out with a new iPad and what is it called?  The new iPad.  Users say that they didn’t see much of a difference between the iPad 2 and the new iPad but one source got to do a 15 minute demo with Apple and this is what they have said.  The new iPad is a little bulkier than the iPad 2 but wouldn’t be noticeable if you didn’t know what the iPad 2 felt like.  The width of the iPad has gone from 8.8mm to 9.44 mm.  Another feature that was barely noticeable was the weight has gone up also from 1.33lbs to 1.44lbs.  Two unnoticeable changes.  The new iPad also comes with Retina Display screen, which this source said was great, but had already been displayed with the iPhone 4 and 4S.  Even though it is no breakthrough technology, the source said it was brilliant to see in a tablet.  And as for the 4G and the quad core processor, the web browser moves incredibly fast.  What do you think of the new iPad?

iPad 3 Rumors!

The wait is almost over, the iPad 3 is said to be released on March 7th, 2012.  So how does it differ from the iPad 2?  The iPad 3 is rumored to have a retina display which is the sharpest, most vibrant, high resolution screen that was presented with the iPhone 4s.  The iPad 3 is also said to have a quad core processor along with the 4G network.  Rumors hear that it will include iOS 5.1 and Siri.  Siri was introduced with the iPhone 4s.  It is a feature that stands in as a personal assistant.  All that is needed is for the user press the Siri button, ask her a question and she will answer.  The iPad 3 will look very similar to the iPad 2, but will have a longer battery life.   The iPad 3 is also said to be a business solution.  This includes applications such as QuickOffice Pro HD which is taking your office anywhere with you, on your iPad.  Access documents, spreadsheets, PDF files, and power points, as well as sharing, transferring, and managing all of these files.  It will also include SAP BusinessObjects Explorer.  This is a specific internet explorer for business questions only.  These apps are helpful for the small business on the go, and just another reason to buy an iPad 3 for your company.

My Top Ten iPad App List

  1. Evernote. Because I can edit/view my notes on my iPad, iPhone and laptop using Evernote and they stay in synch. Up until recently I was using OneNote but switched because the Microsoft app is still flaky on the iPad.
  2. Google Mail Web App. The built in iPad email client sucks!
  3. FeedlerPro. Best RSS Reader. I prefer it over the more flashy apps such as SkyGrid, FlipBoard and Pulse.
  4. BBC News. My source of news after NY Times decided to go with a subscription only model. And Fahgeddaboutit (no iPad App)!
  5. Kindle Reader. I prefer Amazon over Apple for my literature. After all, you can’t buy EVERYTHING from Apple, can you? The Web App version is still a bit clunky, so I use the native App for the moment.
  6. Filemaker Go. Quick and easy way to create apps for the iPad and iPhone. Why spend $100K to build an app when you can do it with FM Go in a few hours?
  7. Skype. Works well with the built in camera.
  8. Citrix Receiver. Requires a Citrix Xenapp Server on the other end ($$$$), but it allows you to run anything from Microsoft Office to Flash on an iPad at blazing fast speeds.
  9. Logmein Ignition. A low cost solution if you cannot afford Xenapp.
  10. Rumney Climbing App. To satisfy my climbing passion in northern New Hampshire.



The Battle of the Tablets: Comparing the Pros and Cons of the Market’s Top Contenders

Both the increasing technology savvy workforce of the Y- Generation combined with the competitive advantage information brings to businesses make tablets the next workforce revelation. Found in hospitals, research firms, in the hands of engineers, you name it, the tablet’s lightweight, easy to use and portable accessibility to information and applications is in high demand.

Among the different tablets available, three stand out as the key competitors. Below is a list of the pros and cons of each based off Syndeo’s personal experience and web reviews.

1. Apple’s iPad 2 ($499-$829)

  • Pros: High quality hardware, vast software selection, a5 CPU serving more memory and a new camera, thin, sleek design, 512 MB of RAM, 10.26 hours battery life (highest of all during heavy usage), iOs updates, browsing performance, FaceTime, no HDMi port
  • Cons: Poor pixel density, camera deficiency, high price, lack of ports, pop-up notifications, no flash

2. Motorola XOOM Galaxy ($799) 

  • Pros: Browsing performance, hardware, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, 32 GB storage, 3G connectivity, HD video capability, picture quality, no annoying notifications
  • Cons: High price, heavier and larger than iPad2, shallow hard-to-use power and volume button, screen darkness & glare, more complicated navigation/task process than Apple, “much more of a notebook/laptop replacement,” GoogleTalk
  • Notes: 8.20 hours of battery life during heavy usage (less than iPad but more than the Galaxy)

3.  Samsung Galaxy ($600)

  • Pros: Flash, dual cameras, 32GB of storage, price, Compact and durable build, quality 7-inch screen, pixel density, browsing performance
  • Cons: Lowest battery life of 6.09 (during heavy usage), not all apps scale to the screen, low Google support, no decent video calling software,
  • Notes: Cannot be charged via laptop or desktop


Still Can’t decide? Check them out yourself at..

iPad 2

Samsung Galaxy  

Motorola Xoom