Syndeo Technologies moves to AutoTask

To address the needs of our growing business we decided it was time to replace our home-grown IT Business Management Software Platform with something more customer focused, scalable and user friendly. After a long drawn out selection process with several vendors we finally decided on the one we thought would be most suitable for Syndeo Technologies as we continue to expand: Autotask.

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The Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 Sharepoint

Sharepoint 365 is a program that lets small businesses stay organized.  There is no set up required because Microsoft does it for you.  This program gives small companies a way to stay connected with their employees and stay hands on.  It focuses on real project benefits and is easy to use.  It sets up a personal website that can be effortlessly customized for each business.  Any documents that are entered into Sharepoint can be viewed, edited, and managed throughout the company, at any place whether it be at home or at the office.  This program is a great entry way for small to medium size businesses.  Read on to see examples of how great sharepoint really is.

Does your company have a lot of everyday routines? Sharepoint has a system for reminders.  If a business has monthly/weekly/or daily routines that need to be reminded of, they can be entered into the Sharepoint database and the business user will be reminded when required.  Another example of how Sharepoint works is the search bar.  If a user cannot find something the search bar is one of the best around.  It brings you to anything that can be related to your search with ease.  Sharepoint is also great for keeping track of projects that are going around.  It helps sync your employees with your projects to find out what stage they are in.  Are you a small business owner that needs help organizing? Think about getting Office 365 installed.

The Cloud.CM offers a great variety of tools for students.

Cloud.CM is a cloud computing website for people of all ages and backgrounds.
An online virtual desktop which can be accessed from anywhere at any time is what many are excited for. The Cloud.CM allows one to create, store, and share files.
One may collaborate with family, friends and colleagues in a secure and safe environment.
Multimedia and social networking tools are also provided, to provide users an all-in-one-solution.
Text and video chat, file sharing, Productivity Suite (Great for word, excel, or PPTS, a user can view, edit and create) , Groups and Calendars,
which will be valued for event planning and organizing. The profile explorer will work as a Social Networking App.
Students will be able to interact and collaborate online in a virtual environment. Through video conferencing while sharing and updating files, students have the ability to work in groups remotely.
Students will also be able to broadcast conversations between them and a person of their choosing. Members not part of the cloud will still be able to engage.
A media application to play music and videos, and also provides an avenue for students to remain in touch with professors as the students’ progress in their chosen careers.

Syndeo partners with N-Able


Syndeo Technologies is happy to announce that we decided to move our SyndeoProtect IT Managed Services from Kaseya to N-Able ( The industry’s most highly valued remote monitoring and management automation solutions, N- Able was named one of the IT industry’s “Best Channel Vendors” in 2010 by Business Solutions Magazine’s subscribers and was awarded 5 stars in Everything Channel’s annual Partner Program Guide in 2011. With N- Able’s offices located globally in the North America, the U.K., the Netherlands and Australia and  strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Intel, IBM, CA, Cisco and APC ( among others) the switch is very user friendly and a seamless change.  

We are very excited about the upcoming transition N-Able will bring Syndeo and our customers!