TIP Fix Office 365 ProPlus Error a shared computer license isn’t available

This is error (or similar) can pop up on a Windows 2012 R2 RD Server farm.

All Technotes I found only referred to Office 15.0 (2013) not 16.0 (2016), which has a different Registry key.
Create String Value
SharedComputerLicensing = 1
IMPORTANT: Make sure it is a String Value!

Google Drive

Has your computer ever crashed unexpectedly and all your information is lost?  Have you ever typed a document on your phone and then your phone fell in the water?  Even simpler; do you have a tablet that doesn’t have a memory drive in it, and you cannot print from it?  Google is here to fix all of these problems!  Google has recently come out with a new edition called google drive.  It is basically a flash drive internally within Google.  Upload your files to Google Drive and save them.  If your laptop dies, your documents are saved in Google.  Some great things about this new edition is that Google Drive can be located anywhere you are.  It is available anywhere Internet is, on your phone, on someone else’s computer, at home, at work; wherever you can connect to Google.  The point of Google Drive is to eliminate external hard drives and your documents are never lost.  You can choose to share documents with certain people, and have everyone edit the document, or you can keep it to yourself.  This is helpful for businesses when one person cannot be there, they can still work on the document from miles away.  There is a small fee however.  The first 5GB are free and then after that a customer can upgrade to 25GB for less than $2.50 a month.  At an average rate, an external hard drive is close to $60.  You would have to have Google Drive for 1 year for that to amount to an external hard drive.

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Ideas for Small Business Owners

Tips for the Small Business Owner

Make Customers the Models

Make customers the models of your product. Allow them to be
the advertisement.  Post pictures of the
customers on the website. This allows the customers to keep up to date to the
site and will also draw traffic as they will direct family and friends to the
site to view pictures. They will also work as an advertisement as they will
most likely post your site on their facebook or whichever social media they
currently engage in.


Hold a Virtual Party

Attending a party which you don’t need to dress up or drive
to can be fun. It allows one to interact with others from the comfort of their
own home.  This is great for people with
small children or very hectic schedules. Hold a virtual party, be on camera and
interact with people via chat. Make the session fun but also informative.


Let the Customers Have the Spotlight

Write about events and who attended in company blogs. This
will keep readers engaged because not only are you spreading activities you are
allowing one to feel part of something larger within the community. You may
want to blog about charity events coming up in the community. It will help get
people involved and also keep readers interested and want to stay updated on
your site.


Help Make Your Clients Money

Connect customers and what they do for a living to each
other. This is a great way to help others with products or services they
provide. A referral is one of the best complaints one can receive.


Call Your Customers

Keeping in touch with your customers is a great benefit to
many.  It will keep your customer happy
and allow you get to know your customer. Either a phone call or in some cases
Skype would work great. Keep in mind it’s the small things that keep people



Upload videos, either videos you have made or by customers.
Make them funny, interesting or even a how to would be a great way to keep
customers involved and drive business to your site.


Trivia & Promotions

Social Media is a great tool. Ask trivia, or run promotions
and ask your customers to respond with their stories. Great way to keep a
conversation going and get to form a relationship, also reach out to friends
and family. Networking is the greatest tool one can use to promote.


Make Yourself Accessible

Allow and ask your customers to email or contact you with
any questions. People love to feel connected and also like to feel they are
important. By allowing them to ask any question, and simply replying it will
form bond.


Use Facebook

Facebook is a great way to interact with your customers. You
could also have weekly contest and giveaways. This will keep the customers in
touch with you.




Printing to OneNote and Windows 7 64bit

Microsoft OneNote is my tool of choice when it comes to capturing my thoughts in digital format. For years I ran around with a European sized A5 notepad, jotting everything down that came to my mind. About five years ago, though, I decided to go “paperless”, I switched to OneNote and never looked back.

One of the nice features was “Print to OneNote”, which allowed me to capture pages from other applications in OneNote. So, for example, I collect all of my online purchase receipts in OneNote using this feature rather than printing them out and wasting paper.

So, I was quite disappointed when it turned out that this “Print to OneNote” feature does not work on my new Windows 7 64 bit machine, because it is a 32 bit driver. Fortunately, though, there is a workaround. Not as elegant as the original driver, but it works. You use the “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” to print to a folder called “XPS Print to OneNote Drop Folder” which is automatically placed on your Desktop. This triggers the driver to convert the .xps file to OneNote.

Here is the download.

Ideally Microsoft would publish a 64 bit driver, but I am not going to hold my breath.