Google Drive

Has your computer ever crashed unexpectedly and all your information is lost?  Have you ever typed a document on your phone and then your phone fell in the water?  Even simpler; do you have a tablet that doesn’t have a memory drive in it, and you cannot print from it?  Google is here to fix all of these problems!  Google has recently come out with a new edition called google drive.  It is basically a flash drive internally within Google.  Upload your files to Google Drive and save them.  If your laptop dies, your documents are saved in Google.  Some great things about this new edition is that Google Drive can be located anywhere you are.  It is available anywhere Internet is, on your phone, on someone else’s computer, at home, at work; wherever you can connect to Google.  The point of Google Drive is to eliminate external hard drives and your documents are never lost.  You can choose to share documents with certain people, and have everyone edit the document, or you can keep it to yourself.  This is helpful for businesses when one person cannot be there, they can still work on the document from miles away.  There is a small fee however.  The first 5GB are free and then after that a customer can upgrade to 25GB for less than $2.50 a month.  At an average rate, an external hard drive is close to $60.  You would have to have Google Drive for 1 year for that to amount to an external hard drive.

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Bing! Bing!

Microsoft’s new “Google-Killer”, Bing, has been launched. What a dumb name. And, I love the mountains, but does the Start page have to be filled with them? That consumes unnecessary bandwidth and it reminds me of that horrible green field default Wallpaper in Windows XP. I am going to give it a try for a few weeks, to see how it compares. I have made it my Firefox home page. Stay tuned…