25 Business Apps for Apple…Here are our top 5!

Did you just buy the new iPad 3 or are planning on buying the iPhone 5?  Do you have another version of the iPad or iPhone?  Do you want business applications for your devices to help you out?  CIO news has come up with a list of the top 25 applications for your iPad or iPhone.  Here are our favorite top 5 business applications!

The first app is called CloudOn.  This application is free however for it to be used there has to be an internet connection.  It is cloud based versions of Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint.  This application automatically syncs with your computer’s drop box, to save to both your device and computer.  The second app is called Keynote.  It is 10$ a month but worth it.  This is Apples version of a drag and drop PowerPoint.  It comes installed with 12 themed templates but the user can also email other templates to the application.  The user can also buy the Keynote Remote for 1$ and turn their iPhone into a remote!  The third application is called WebEx.  This was made for an iPad and it works like face time or Skype does except it cater to a business call.  The call will come up with everyone you are chatting with and when someone is talking their face will come up bigger than everyone else’s.  Users can also share their personal screen with other callers so it is like a web conference.  There is no cost, but wireless internet is required.  Another app that was interesting was the XMarks application.  Users who rely on bookmarking webpages on personal computers can have their bookmarks saved on their devices so they are easily retrievable.  The application is free however XMarks charges 12$ annually to save the bookmarks.  The last application is called Flight Track Pro.  It is 10$ and is used for frequent business travelers.  It shows a planes location and weather conditions and does not require the internet.  For an extra 4$ the user can see different airports and where the plane is at in the airport.

Which application would you use the most?  Some of these applications could be useful for small or large companies alike.  Download these apps to your iPhone or iPad and see how they work.  If you like them they could help your business out tremendously!

Habro pairs with Apple in Laser Tag Game!

Hasbro realizes that games for children are a thing of the past, and technology is taking over.  Hasbro was smart enough to go along with this trend and pair up with Apple for a new twist on an old game.  The game is a spinoff of Laser Tag by NERF.  The original game is two teams with vests, laser guns, and helmets.  Each team shoots a laser beam at their opponents in an allocated amount of time, and whichever team has the highest shots, wins.  The new game is a simulation.  The user downloads the free application to their iPhone or iPod touch and acquires the laser tag game.  Then the user will plug their device into their laser tag gun, starting the game.  The device will tell the user their battery life, their position on the map, and their shooting range.  The virtual shooting range can hit a target over 200 feet away.  The game will be available on August 1, 2012 and will include two laser guns for $70.  The recommended age for this game is ages 8 and up.  This game will truly bring fun of the past into today’s technology.

Apple’s Software Problems & Advice on Saving Battery Life

After enjoying the new features of the new Apple software update, it was a surprise for me to discover that many Apple users have had poor battery life due to bugs within the iOS 5 upgrade. Problems and complaints began in mid- October while a thread on Apple’s website (over 209 pages long!) records many stories of users facing the same problem. Ars Technica tested out the problem  themselves through a video- watching test. They discovered the test allowed “12 hours of battery life out of the iPhone 4 compared to 10 hours on the iPhone 4S—and both were running the same version of iOS 5 and had the same settings for screen brightness, location services, and the checking of e-mail. Standby time appeared to be roughly the same, with our iPhone 4 inching out the iPhone 4S by minutes.”

To help out the situation, there has been much advice to save battery life. These measures include: turning off location-based Reminders (which requires your phone to monitor your location more frequently), turning off Siri (or at least the “raise to speak” feature), turning off Bluetooth, and turning off push notifications. We hope this helps, until then the company says they are working to fix the problem in the next few weeks.

My Top Ten iPad App List

  1. Evernote. Because I can edit/view my notes on my iPad, iPhone and laptop using Evernote and they stay in synch. Up until recently I was using OneNote but switched because the Microsoft app is still flaky on the iPad.
  2. Google Mail Web App. The built in iPad email client sucks!
  3. FeedlerPro. Best RSS Reader. I prefer it over the more flashy apps such as SkyGrid, FlipBoard and Pulse.
  4. BBC News. My source of news after NY Times decided to go with a subscription only model. And Boston.com? Fahgeddaboutit (no iPad App)!
  5. Kindle Reader. I prefer Amazon over Apple for my literature. After all, you can’t buy EVERYTHING from Apple, can you? The Web App version is still a bit clunky, so I use the native App for the moment.
  6. Filemaker Go. Quick and easy way to create apps for the iPad and iPhone. Why spend $100K to build an app when you can do it with FM Go in a few hours?
  7. Skype. Works well with the built in camera.
  8. Citrix Receiver. Requires a Citrix Xenapp Server on the other end ($$$$), but it allows you to run anything from Microsoft Office to Flash on an iPad at blazing fast speeds.
  9. Logmein Ignition. A low cost solution if you cannot afford Xenapp.
  10. Rumney Climbing App. To satisfy my climbing passion in northern New Hampshire.



Apple Unleashes the Secrets of the OS Lion

Steve Jobs took the stage again early in San Francisco on this Monday morning to divulge the latest software updates for the Mac, iPhone and iPad. In addition, the luminary CEO unveiled the new features of Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5 and introduced Apple’s new “iCloud” service. Notably known for its grand showcasing of Apple products, the Worldwide Developers Conference remained “hardware- free”, focusing on software updates only. Among the many, bigger improvements include those for iCloud,  Apple’s Wireless In-Home Synchronization and its upgraded MAC software. Other include improved email, launchpad display  and computer- free iOS device setup and updating.

iCloud allows streaming of music onto devices over the internet without saving it the iPhone’s hard drive first (and recovery of  lost iTunes Store music purchases) free of charge. In addition,  iCloud has improved  MobileMe (Expanded voice recognition due to acquisition of Siri) and wireless Over-the-air updates . The Mac Software Suite, iLife 2011, has many upgrades as well, such as iPhoto offering Facebook integration, iMovie’s has new audio-editing features and themes (automatically create movie trailers) and Garage Band’s “Groove Matching” which adjusts different instrument tracks to be in perfect rhythm.

See the FULL list of updates at  http://www.apple.com/macosx/whats-new/features.html