Using Google Drive as a Corporate Knowledge Base


The main reason why Google Drive works so well as a Corporate Knowledge Base is because of the world class search functionality that comes along with anything Google. Posting articles is easy, just drag them into the appropriate folder, or use Google Docs to create them directly in the desired location using almost any mobile device. I prefer a simple folder structure, in fact, you may want to consider no folder structure at all and rely totally on search to find things. That has worked great for me for years with Gmail.

There are even some advanced search options you can read about here that can be useful. If you insist on structuring your documents rather than relying on search there are Third Party tools such as Collavate (I have never used it, but it looks like Collavate provides a lot of features to put structure into your Google Drive).

Also, there are free tools available out there to expand the functionality of Google Apps. One that I installed recently is a tool to send Emails as a PDF to a folder on Google Drive. This will allow users to save information from an email to the Knowledge Base with ease (a LOT of Corporate Knowledge is lost in the bowls of your mail server because it is not shared). Here is how:

  1. Click here to copy the Save Email as PDF Google Sheet into your Google Drive
  2. Change cell D4 from “PDF” to “KB”
  3. Click on “Step 1 – Authorize” under Save PDF. You will be prompted to authorize the script to perform certain tasks.
  4. Click on “Step 2 – Run Program” to start the script (NOTE: You can stop it any time by selecting Step 2 again).
  5. You can now close the Sheet. The script will run in the background.
  6. Create a new label called “KB” (Outlook users: Create a folder called “KB”)
  7. Now when you want to add an email to the folder:
    1. Using Google Mail:. Check off the emails you want to post and select Label->KB
    2. Using Outlook: Copy the email into the folder “KB”
    3. Posting a new email to the KB using Google Mail. Select Label->KB from the bottom right of the new email.

For more information on the Save Email as PDF script and many other useful tools look here.

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